Service Leaderhip Programs (SLP)
What are Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs?
Kiwanis International empowers people at every stage of life to become competent, capable, and compassionate leaders by helping them learn to help others. Through its Service Leadership Programs, Kiwanis teaches young leaders new ways to change the world by serving one child and one community at a time.  SLP Kids learn a lot by helping others and build a foundation to grow personally as a leader.  Kids Count!
Kiwanis SLP initiatives include the following categories.  The asterisk (*) denotes Siesta Key Kiwanis Club sponsorship:

Kiwanis Kids

Three programs for students between the ages of 6 and 12: K-Kids, Bring Up Grades (BUG), and Terrific Kids.

Builders Club*

A leadership program for middle and junior high school students.

Key Club International*

The largest high school service leadership organization in the world.

Key Leader
A weekend experience designed to empower emerging student leaders.

Circle K International

A global service organization for university students.

Aktion Club*

The only community-service club for adults living with disabilities.