Speaker Date Topic
Ana McClendon, Community Outreach Coordinator Jun 03, 2020
Sarasota County Early Learning Coalition

Reorganizing the Literacy Buddy program as preschools start to open on a limited basis. Ana will share a video and collage of the chioldren's reactions when they receive their books and letters.  She also will tell us some heartwarming storties of how some children cling to thier books and take them along even when they go shopping with their parents, as if they were a favorite stuffed animal..

Social 5:00 PM Jun 10, 2020
Chef Rolf's
Jody Jester, Director of Programs Jun 17, 2020

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Provide Christ-centered hope for children with relational trauma through awareness and family support.

Our Vision

Children with relational trauma are loved in fully-equipped families, bringing about healing and generational change.