Dec 29, 2021 12:00 PM
Mike Doyle
Satchel’s Last Resort

Satchel’s Last Resort is a no-kill animal shelter/sanctuary whose mission is to Rescue, Rehab and Rehome dogs and cats with nowhere else to go because of breed, behavior or medical issues. We are housed on 12 acres  two large play yards in the front of the building and a large area behind our building where volunteers can walk the dogs. We believe all dogs and cats are created equal and deserve to live the life of a beloved pet. Each dog and cat that comes to us has its own unique and personal history.  We get to know each one individually – his favorite toy, his favorite game, his favorite foods. Our dogs live in an airy shelter with spacious kennels, get out four times a day  whether it be going for a neighborhood walk, a playtime in one of our large yards – 2 1/2 acres and 1/2 acre, or take the occasional car ride to let their fur flap in the wind. Our cats are housed in two separate open cat rooms. Most important to us, we keep our animals safe from other residents and from humans who may want to harm them. Our staff work with our animals to teach them how to learn to trust again. We actively seek forever homes tailored to the needs of our dogs and cats so that they can live the rest of their lives among a family of their own.  We believe that by harnessing the unconditional love that the animals in our sanctuary put forth everyday, the world becomes a brighter place for animals and people.

Each and everyday we try to give a little of their love back – back to the dogs and cats and back to our community.