BUGS (Brining Up Grades) is a Kiwanis branded program designed to recognize and encourage students who have improved their academic performance but who have not yet made the Honor Roll.  BUGS students at Wilkinson Elementary have increased a letter grade in at least one subject since the prior marking period.  Recognition comes at a school assembly.  At the assembly, BUGS students receive a certificate, a pin, and a voucher for an ice cream treat.  There are four marking periods and three BUGS assemblies in Wilkinson Elementary's school year.
The most recent BUGS assembly was held Friday April 28th.  Sixty-nine BUGS students in Grades 1-5 were recognized at an assembly that included presenters from our Mighty Club - Mary Lynn Desjarlais (Chair), Carmen Ramsey, Jeanine Gutauskas, Bill Irish, Tom Marini and Doug Griffin.  Also attending were many proud parents and grand parents.  Tom sat with the parents to take photos of the students showing off their certificates.  Afterward Tom reported that parents around him were excited that their children were being recognized for academic accomplishment.
The 2017 school year is the 3rd year the Mighty Siesta Key Kiwanis Club has run the BUGS program at Wilkinson.  It is one of the reasons our Club was recognized as "Partner of the Year," not only at Wilkinson, but for the Sarasota County School District.  Given this. the support of faculty and the school's administration BUGS looks like it will be a part of Wilkinson and Kiwanis for some time.