Happy Memories of Easter Eggs, a Bunny and Horses – were made Saturday at the SK Chamber of Commerce Annual Children’s Easter Egg Hunt at Turtles Beach on Siesta Key. 
Our Mighty Club partnered with the Chamber providing volunteer support and sponsorship.  The early crew arrived  7:00 am (yes, there are select Kiwaninas moving that early)  at Turtle Beach to begin set-up.  The second wave arrived at 8:30 shortly before children with parents in tow.  There were Sherriff Deputies with horses, firemen with an enormous Fire Truck, a face painting booth, games, prizes and the guest of honor - THE Easter Bunny.  These provided experiences and activity before THE HUNT.  The program called for 6 "hunts" beginning at 9:30 and continuing until noon. 
A lot of engagement for children, mostly well behaved and having a good time.  One volunteer noted that by-and-large the children were better behaved than some of the adults.  One adult asked if we had a sofa reserved for grandparents - "sorry, no" perhaps next year. 
Thanks to our volunteers:  
Jim and Ann Mattson
Carmen Ramsey
Doug and Paula Griffin
Gail Thomas (New member of the Sarasota East Club)
Bill and Linda Irish
Carolyn Jones-Penn
Peter and Nancy Kiziu
Joy Horne-Jones
      The Easter Bunny!