Thank you for an amazing Storybook Street!  Here's a thank you not and some pictures!
Congratulations performers, partners and volunteers,
We did it, again!
Saturday morning Brigid and I stood in awe as the car queue continued to build, filling our hearts with elation. The outpour of support was incredible and we still can’t believe the rain held off J
Thanks to your commitment and collaboration, Storybook Street South County successfully served more than 600 children (probably closer to 700) and distributed nearly 6,000 books. As you recall, a vast majority of cars had two or three children. We appreciate you braving the heat and humidity for more than 3 hours to help fuel our mission of early literacy. We’re also grateful for your patience, especially from our general ELC volunteers, as we had many last minute changes which left ELC staff busy untangling snafus throughout the morning. Together, we improvised and filled the necessary gaps to pull it off.
We look forward to future partnerships as we’re already swirling around ideas for the next event—many, many months from now, lol.  
Enjoy the picture below as it shows the faces of delight of the children in attendance. More pics to follow!
Kind regards,
Ana McClendon and Brigid Kolowith