Jul 19, 2021 12:00 PM
Arianna Longo, Governor Florida Key Club

I am currently a Junior in the AICE program at Palmetto High School. Although school can get
quite busy, I always have time for service and Key Club! While playing 2 varsity sports, being a
Teen Health Educator, and being in many other clubs like Formula 1 in Schools may sound very
hectic, I like it. Of course there’s the fact that I have two crazy, younger brothers and two
beagles plus a bunny, but I like to stay busy.
In fact, I’m used to it. My entire family has always been involved with Kiwanis and its other
branches like CKI, Builders Club, and K-Kids. My mom served as the District Editor for Kiwanis
and before that was very involved in CKI. I remember going to Kiwanis conventions and just
being so amazed that everyone here wanted to make the World a better place. I also grew up in
the Kiwanis Family. I helped charter the K-Kids and Builders Club at my elementary and middle
school and ended up holding officer positions. From there I moved on to Key Club, initially
starting out as a member, moving to club Secretary, then I served as the Executive Assistant for
the Florida District for this past service, and I now currently serve as the 2021-2022 Florida
District Governor for Key Club International.
But I don’t just do Key Club, I’d like to think that I do have a life. Although, this mainly consists of
reading, doing puzzles, eating lots of food, binge watching Netflix, and even baking. I love to
travel and just see amazing places. My favorite thing in life is hearing others stories. I want to
know what makes you who you are and hear your experiences.