December 9th found many mighty members merrily mustering money for the Salvation Army at the Landings Publix,   They included John Masters, Carmen Ramsey, Ann & Jim Mattson, John Prince, Marianna Ehmke, Joy Horne-Jones, All Haab, Peter & Nancy Kiziu, Doug Griffin, and Shirley & Joe Sikora.  Joe chaired the event and sent us the photo below, L-R:  Pete, Joe, Shirley and Nancy.  Note the fashion statement being made by our outer-elves!
Publix customers on the whole were generous this year, perhaps indicating the strength of the economy.  It’s either that or our Kiwanis sincerity and charm.  Many customers who donated Saturday had comments about the Salvation Army, Kiwanis, the costumes and Christmas.  Here’s one:
A handsome gentleman with a Boston accent, easily in his sixties, perhaps early seventies, inserted a clutch of bills into my kettle.  I thanked him for his generosity, and as we shook hands, he told me about his Grandmother.  It was a cold winter in Boston in 1932 when his Grandmother was burned out of her apartment.  She was on the street with nothing.  He said the Salvation Army was there with blankets, provided food, some clothing, gave her shelter, and pocket money.  A few days later the Army found her an apartment and she moved in to restart her life.  “Every winter she’d tell her grandchildren the story and made it clear that we were never, ever, to pass a Salvation Army kettle without putting in money – even if we only had a penny.”  He then wished me Marry Christmas, turned and walked to his car.
I’d bet that that was the best story that any of us on “kettle duty” heard that day.