Posted by Carolyn Kofler
You may remember Gabriel (“Gabe”) Layne, Lt.Governor for Key Club Division 18.  Early into his term he spoke to our members at our regular meeting.  A confident young man, poised and focused, he spoke several minutes without notes and impressed us all.  Gabe is now an outgoing Lt.Governor.  In his final email to Division 18 Key Clubbers he introduced the incoming Lt.Governor, Aitana Burman, the Lieutenant Governor Elect for Division 18.   He told members that next year they would be “in amazing hands.”
Gabe continued:  “Aitana is a current Junior at Pine View School in Osprey, Florida. She has been a dedicated member to the Kiwanis Family and remains very active in service to her school and community. I could not be prouder of Aitana, she will make an outstanding Lieutenant Governor and I cannot wait to see what she will make of Division 18! Get ready for an incredible 2018-2019 service year, Aitana is going to rock it!”
As sponsors Pine View’s Key Club we have become accustomed of being in awe of the accomplishments of “our” Key Club.  It’s an understatement to say we are proud of every member and certainly of Aitana as she begins her year as Division 18 Key Club Lt.Governor.  Rock on Aitana!
Carolyn Kofler
Past President, Siesta Key Kiwanis