Posted by Clark Lauren
When I first heard that the Key Club was going to do bath bombs on Monday I was immensely curious as to what they were and exactly how they were going to make them.  Then came the question about giving bombs to young children, but, of course, anything that gets them into a bath is probably a good thing, explosive or not.
What I learned from our Pine View Key Clubbers is that a bath bomb is loaded with Epsom salts and, "explodes" with fizzy fun when thrown in a bathtub.  (I was much relieved after hearing this explanation.)  So at last Monday's Key Club meeting, they mixed the ingredients, including citric acid and baking soda to make the fizz, and then molded them into balls and put them in plastic bags.  A messy but fun process.   
Here are two photos of Bath Bomb Day at Pine View.  The bath bombs were donated to Everyday Blessings foster care in Sarasota,  
Clark Lauren
Key Club Advisor