Al Ernst was at his best Sunday at McCurdy's Comedy Theater.  He began the set by announcing that he is the "best comedian in his price range."  Most of us who were there would agree with Al, he is the best in any price range and Sunday proved it!
Most of his material comes from his life's experience:
  • He talked about his success at losing weight - "So far I've lost 106 pounds, roughly a sixth grader."
  • "I was home schooled and graduated when I was seven.  My folks told me they'd taught me everything they knew."
  • "I went to college on a football scholarship to the University of Phoenix."
  • His description of Christmas eve services at his mom's First Baptist Church in Georgia included a description of his preventing his elderly mother from offering loud, snarky comments about other parishioners by pinching off her oxygen tube.
  • Discussed his use of "Grampers" - Pampers for old men - to avoid the long bathroom lines at a football game half time.  
  • One of his best, and endearing, pieces was his experience of being a Big Brother to a 5 year old boy and somehow finding himself coaching a T-ball team.
This performance was of course our fundraiser to support Wilkinson Elementary School.  Principal Susan Nations, her husband and several teachers were in the audience.  A good number of members attended with friends and guests.   That's guests Jane and Andy Reeves with Peter and Nancy Kiziu in the photo at the right.  Carmen Ramsey Chaired the event and Matt Anderson created the flyers.  
If you missed the show Sunday, Al will be at the IHOP in Dalton Georgia all next week.