On October 22, 2016, four of our members plus a spouse (Nancy & Peter Kizius, Bill Irish, Carolyn and our President Clark) headed to the Roy McBean Boys and Girls Club.  We also had Pine View Key Club Lt. Governor Sam and Brie, Booker High School sent several football players, the Downtown Club had JoRita taking names plus Barbara Yong, Terry, Larry, Joe, Vern Buchanan’s son and a few others.  There were also several staff members giving us a good group of people to do the work.
Our mission was to clear and clean the large lot next to the Boys and Girls Club.  The lot was very over grown and had to be cleaned before the mowing crew could even start.  There were many treasures found:  3 bicycles, a stroller, broken TV, shopping cart, upholstered chair, mysterious broken plastic parts, along with 4 or 5 bags of cans, bottles and plastic bags.  The big prize went to the full sized box springs. A cherry picker  was brought in to cut and clear palm fronds.  We filled a dumpster and had still had piles and piles of trash on the lot. 
It was a beautiful day to do this kind of work because of the mild temperature.  We were done by 11am and then we had pizza. 
A big thank you to all that helped that day.