Posted by Bill Irish
Carolyn-Jones Penn, Linda Irish and Bill Irish attended Wilkinson Elementary School’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast representing our Club.
A video presentation was given that included WES students saying “Thank you” to the volunteers, especially for reading to them, and for donations of books for the book sale! The children loved the books, and being read to.
It was a nice event, well attended. The Temple was selected as the Partner of the Year this year. They do amazing work on site. Temple members have adopted the kindergartens and read to all the kindergarten students. They have encouraged other religious groups to get involved.  Church of the Palms is now planning to adopting the first grades.  The increasing community support is encouraging.
The presentation indicated that this past year WES had 361 volunteers that contributed at least 3,766 volunteer hours. The school district calculated a value for these hours to be worth $95,756!  All this and some after-hour, and weekend times were not included.
The school chorus sang several songs for us. Amazing voices for such young people! Four of our K-Kids are in the chorus.
When you hear what has been done since last year, and plans for the coming years, truly makes you proud to be part of this school’s efforts to improve the lives of their student body!
Bill Irish
WES Partnership Chair