Posted by Mary Lynn Desjarlais
The first Bringing Up Grades (BUG) assemblies of the year were a grand success with 77 children receiving recognition.  As Principal Susan Nations stated "It is not an award, it is a recognition because you EARNED it".  Each grade had their pictures taken by their proud parents with their certificates held proudly.  Each BUGs recipient received a Certificate (suitable for framing), a BUGS refrigerator magnet and a coupon from Albritton's for a free soft serve ice cream.
The children were coached to come up to the stage, say "Thank You", hold their right hand out to shake hands and to look the other person in the eye.  The children were so cute as they had to remember to look us in the eye.  Wilkinson School is teaching the children how to succeed in the real world and the importance of a good hand shake.
The BUGs Assemblies were held on two mornings:   For Grades 1 &2 on the 18th,  Clark Lauren, Steve Stonecipher and Mary Lynn Desjarlais were there.  For grades 3-5 on the 19th, Bill Irish, Carolyn Koefler and Carmen Ramsey participated.  Thank you Bill for the event photos.
Mary-Lynn Desjarlais
BUGS Chair