Good Morning,
Hope you have had a great week.  As we are entering the “dog days of summer”, our SKKC members are still busy with upcoming projects and our Installation banquet on Sunday  October 2nd.  Patty and her committee has a great evening of fun and celebration regarding our upcoming SKKC Kiwanis Year, more information to follow.  I should also like to introduce our two newest members Kristin Anderson from Synovous Bank and Jeanette Igoe from Igoe Realty PA to our Club.
We Would like to thank all of the SKKC members who helped out at the RLD packaging event last Saturday.  Bill Irish and Doug Griffin and the committee members were overwhelmed by the response of our club members to help.  I also would like to thank Carmen Ramsey and her social committee for the fun that all of our SKKC Members have had exploring new places that we have never been before.  What a great summer program for our members.
All Faith’s Food Bank.  
Sept 1st

Online Registration <-----------Click on link
Sep 01, 2022 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
All Faith Food Bank
8171 Blaikie Ct
Sarasota, FL 34240 
SKKC Social. Wednesday August 24th at 3pm
The subject line may be a teaser, but it's accurate.  Social Chair Carmen Ramsey and Michelle Mason have booked a 3:00 pm tour at the Drum Circle Distillery for Wednesday August 24th.  If the tour were at our normal 5:00 pm start time it would cost $2,000 ...... but the tour is NOT at 5:00 pm, the tour is at 3:00 pm and for us the price is ZERO ($0.00).

The Drum Circle Distillery is a Sarasota legend because they distill Siesta Key Rum, and not just one rum, a whole "bunch" of rums:
Be honest with yourself - Haven't you always wanted to do this tour?  Well, now - August 24th - is your chance.  Don't wake up Thursday morning saying "D**n:
I missed my chance to tour the Drum Circle Distillery. 
I missed my chance to sample their adult beverages in the 'Tasting Room'. 
I missed my chance to take 'selfies' for my Facebook page (and the Christmas letter). 
I missed my chance to enjoy the company of Kiwanians and friends.
I missed my chance to buy unique Siesta Key branded Christmas gifts for my friends and family.
I really messed up!" 
Avoid regret and put our 3:00 pm, August 24th, Social at the Drum Circle Distillery on your calendar.
OK, so you've decided to join us, but WHERE exactly is the Drum Circle Distillery?  Since you asked, we'll tell you. 
Drum Circle Distillery for Wednesday August 24th.  <------Click here for direction.
Michelle Mason does not drink, but never-the-less somehow recommends trying the "Key Lime Shot" in the tasting room.  (I can't wait. If Michelle likes it and doesn't drink.

Carmen’s Corner
SKKC/ Core Srq Drowning Prevention Program
This summer our Siesta Key Kiwanis Club and its donors supported our second year of providing swim lesson to 30 children in our community. We are looking forward to providing more children next year and also adding Life Preserver Stations, and Jr Life Guard Certification Classes with Sarasota County.