On Saturday, January 21st, six mighty members headed out to Midnight Pass for an 8:00 am meet-up.  It’s that time of year to start cleaning up the road.  Six of us, a good size group included (L-to-R in the photo) Brian Miller, Bill Irish, Joy Horne Jones, Tom Marini, Steve Stonecipher and our one and only Doug Griffin.
So here we are, Tom had not been with us before, so Bill explained the rules.  The big one “No Biologicals” (aka: dog poop).  Then Bill handed out our long handle picker uppers, plastic gloves, and plastic bags.  We figured out who was going which direction and who was teaming up.  So off we went in the directions we had picked. 
Brian had just crossed the street and found a good ball cap.  So, he started out with a bang.  We found car parts, lots of cigarette butts, plastic bags, beer cans and bottles, candy wrappers, and others things.  Bill did find a sweat shirt, and I found one (1) sock.  Sorry we did not find a complete outfit. However, if you need a sweat shirt I am sure Bill will let you have one.
We figured we picked up about 75 pounds of stuff this time.  We have picked up more, but 75 pounds isn’t bad.
If you have not joined in on the fun, you really need to.  The people walking by and riding their bikes do say “Thank you”.  One lady told me because of us, we make her walk much better.  That really makes your day.