Welcome Kiwanians
Welcome Kiwanians Visiting Sarasota and Her Islands
We are the Kiwanis Club of Siesta Key in Sarasota Florida.  We meet every Wednesday noon at Café Baci - 4001 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231.  During "season" we often welcome Kiwanis members from our northern states, Canada and Europe to our weekly meetings. 
Kiwanians wintering or visiting in Sarasota are invited to caucus with us while in the Sarasota area and continue their Kiwanis commitment.  Here’s why:
  1. We get things done.  We invite your participation and promise you will make a difference.
  2. Our informative meeting programs are fully aligned with our mission – addressing the unmet needs of children.
  3. As a caucus member you'll enjoy active involvement in Club projects and social events.
Visiting Kiwanians who caucus with us, continue exclusive membership in their home clubs while attending our weekly meetings and being involved in our Club’s projects during their time in Sarasota.  Through their interest and involvement they become friends and repeat seasonal visitors.
The best way to demonstrate how well this works is through the words and comments of caucus members:
Lyle & Elaine Brion, Home Club, Liberty Kiwanis Club, Liberty, PA
The Siesta  Key Club has excellent programs at the weekly meetings and the members treat us as fellow members. Projects are fun and keeps the Kiwanis spirit going.
Elaine and I have always felt welcome at  the Siesta Key Kiwanis Club.  A lot of the feeling came from our familiarity with the South Sarasota club members we knew prior to the merger. Kiwanis  is an organization that after years of membership you develop a deep feeling for and  service to the community  [which is  Kiwanis] is  important as well as helping the children of the community.
Lyle & Elaine Brion, Liberty, PA


Richard Raison, Home Club of Colonial Plymouth MI


I Always enjoy visiting the “Mighty” Siesta Key Club.  Like my home club, Kiwanis Club of Colonial Plymouth (MI), lots of fun and fellowship…AND you’ve got some great community projects going, too.  I will be back next season! 


Richard Raison, Plymouth MI



Jim and Ann Mattson, Home Club - Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor, MI
As Kiwanis Snowbirds from Michigan, we are proud supporters of the Siesta Key Kiwanis Club, which is "our" club during the winter months.  As long time active members of the Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor, we knew we wanted to get involved with a club in Sarasota to meet new people and to engage in local volunteer activities.  We could not have selected a more welcoming club.
We have felt right at home with the Mighty Siesta Key Kiwanis Club since our first visit in January, 2014.  At that first meeting we met an amazing group of friendly people who invited us to attend the Club's annual post-holiday party the following weekend and to participate in two upcoming community service projects.  Since then we have enjoyed many more social events and worked along side our new friends on a wide variety of projects.  It has been a pleasure to get to know the local members as well as the many other northerners who visit the club each season. 
We encourage all Kiwanians who are passing through or staying in the Sarasota area to
check out the Mighty Siesta Key Kiwanis Club.  The friendly atmosphere and breadth of activities can't be beat.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing our positive experiences with you.
Jim and Ann Mattson, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Janice Tipert, Home Club - Danvers Kiwanis Club, Danvers MA
I have so much enjoyed attending the Mighty Siesta Key Kiwanis Club this past winter.  First is the friendliness of all of your members, their smiles and their welcoming words.  They just make me want to return each week.
Next is the variety and quality of your speakers.  They help a visitor like me get to know so many things that are happening in this lovely city: 
  • an editor from the Sarasota Herald- Tribune;  a supporter of the all faiths food bank; workers from the Sarasota  Estuary program;
  • friends of the Legacy Trail, part of the Sarasota County parks;
  • Kiwanis workers for the Habitat for Humanity;
  • a sports broadcaster from ABC channel 7 Sarasota;
  • Everyday Blessings,  a not-for profit that supports foster children; and Springboard, a program to help the needs of young adults 18-22 years of age.
And you have so many Kiwanis projects: BUGS, Key Club, AKtion club, K-Kids and so many more.  No wonder you are awarded the Distinguished Club Award.
I plan on being a part of your group again next year.
Janice Tipert
If you’re visiting Sarasota for a week, two weeks, a month or the “season”  we’d love to have you join us, Wednesday noon at Café Baci - 4001 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231.  Email Peter Kiziu - pk2pete@aol.com - should you need further information.
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