Posted by Bill Irish
Members (well, most of the members) of our new K-Kids Club at Wilkinson Elementary show off their new shirts, front and back views!  The front of the shirt has the KI K-Kids logo.

The design on the back of the shirt was selected by the club members. Members were asked to create a design addressing the K-Kids Four Core Values: 
 "Character Building, Leadership, Inclusiveness, and Caring."   They then voted on the design they liked best. The majority selected Kailey's design.  (Kailey is the Club's president.)   
In case you were wondering, the much taller blond "K-Kid" at the back is Faculty Advisor Anne Hill.  And that's President Kailey facing the camera in the photo at the right. 
Bill Irish,
Kiwanis Advisor
PS:  Earlier we received a very nice "thank you" note from the Club's members.  Here it is -